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Ruth Fielding at Sunrise Farm

Hi, it’s day 4 of Ruth Fielding series.  Tomorrow is the last one


photo-Josephine Lawrence, known as Alice Emerson which is her writers name- author of most of the Ruth Fielding series.  Her Dad was a doctor and when she was growing up   the family moved to Hopewell New York (by Rochester) which is 5 hours Northwest of where they were, Newark New Jersey.  Sounds like Hopewell was a farming community which may be the motivation for this book Ruth Fielding at Sunrise Farm.

The book wasn’t my favorite so far, but still it was a good read.  Ruth and her school friends go to Madge Steel’s farm for the week of 4th of July. Orphans are found; 2 little brothers and a big sister brought back together to round off a happy ending.

The best parts of the book-description of their 4th of July celebration and the fireworks accidently going off in the wagon… those poor scared horses.

I found this info on the author !  Check it out


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