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Ruth Fielding at Lighthouse Point


It is Ruth Fielding Week at the Elizabethian Tea, but I forgot to start yesterday/Monday, so  we’ll go Tuesday through Saturday instead of Mon- Fri.


My book cover didn’t look like this one in the photo because I read it on my kindle.  School is out and it’s summertime!  Ruth and her group goes to Heavy’s summer home at Lighthouse Point for a week of sea salt fresh air.  There’s a shipwreck  soon after they arrive which begins the mystery. 

I figured out that one of this  book’s perplexities isn’t completely solved until the next book in the series because  Ruth’s uncle’s problem hasn’t been resolved yet.  That man’s name turns up again…the guy who sold Ruth’s uncle the vacuum cleaner; he  is at Silver ranch where the next book originates.

  I am enjoying this series in a big way and because they are so easy to read and hold your attention, I’m going to let you  how I liked each one I read. 

imagePutting up a few photos of Mukilteo’s lighthouse brings back fond memories of one summer when the kids and I spent a lot of time on the beach before we picked up their dad at work near by.  Even though this lighthouse is in Mukilteo WA and not out east where Lighthouse Point is in the book, it’s still a lighthouse .


Here’s the Mukilteo free beach near by where we spent many afternoons.  found starfish swept ashore by the tide too.



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