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All-of-a-kind family Downtown

Here’s the 4th book (whole series  consists of 5) of the All-of-a-kind-family.  Just one more after this one.  Sorry that my daughter missed out on these when she was younger, but I just didn’t know about them.image

Here they are again!  The family with 5 sisters and little Charlie.  What is their last name  anyway?  Gertie wants a book of her own to take home, but the library has a rule that you have to be 6 yrs. old and Gertie is only 5, so her sisters and her walk over to the settlement house where they have a library, but when they get there they find out that books can’t  be checked out and brought home; have to read them in the library of the settlement house.

below: photo of a children’s cooking class at a settlement house in downtown Manhattan that was opened in 1889.  Maybe this is the one the girls walked to since it’s 1913 in the book.   photo is from yivo.org


These settlement houses were interesting to read about online.  I had no idea it was a part of history.  Nurses lived at the settlement house and were visiting nurses for communities. below:

Lillian D. Wald (1867-1940); nurse and settlement house advocate;
founder of NYC’s Henry Street Settlement House (1893)
and visiting nurse program

Here’s the founder of the New Yorks Henry street Settlement House and visiting nurse program- Lillan D Wald, 1893. Oh my goodness, she’s wearing a corset; those awful things that were murder for your ribcage and diaphragm, but if you wore it loose it’d be ok.


Miss Carey, the  settlement nurse in the book is such a big help ; girls know her and even mama and  Ella help Miss Carey on a visiting nursing job.

Below: the lamplighter is mentioned as Mama and Ella go to their errand at dusk.


I’ would have liked to see the Tarantella dance that the kids did when the Hurdy gurdy man and his wife came on the street  with their piano box. below- painting of a hurdy gurdy man and a picture of one in Prague.



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