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Ruth Fielding at Briarwood Hall


This is the 2nd Ruth Fielding book I’ve read (first one was posted March 9th).  If the kindles were around when my daughter was younger, I would have gotten her a kindle and downloaded all 18 available Ruth fielding books for her.

Ruth gets to go to college with Helen Cameron  and penny counting Uncle Jabus even pays for it.  It’s an all girls school and near by Helen’s twin brother Tom is at an academy for boys .  The mystery is with the little French teacher, but aside from  that, I like the way Ruth decides to start her own club at school since the only two available have drawbacks; one being the teachers are included and the other club has a bad reputation.  Ruth spreads good will wherever she goes- even to the Sweetbriers!

 spoiler page    Here’s a link that summarizes  this series; interesting.


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