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Another Margaret Oliphant’s books- Kirsteen.  1st edition was printed in 1890 when the author was 62 yrs. old.  I always think the age of the author is interesting in any given book because  authors steadily improve with time and gain more insight to human nature and writing capabilities.  I liked  reading this book very much because I liked Kirsteen..

Kirsteen has red hair, is Scottish and leaves home unannounced to make a living in the world.   The author must have known some of these kind off men personally, because the fathers in her books are often like Kirsteen’s father- crude and hard to deal with.

  She opted out of marriage and it proved to be a good thing for her as she became a dressmaker for the well to do ladies.  If your husband  had money you went around in your own carriage in town.  Kirsteen  had her own carriage eventually.   It wasn’t so easy for women to make money while staying single back then. What surprised me was how much dressmaking was looked down upon for an occupation.  It all has to do with  a different culture since there was the wealthy kind  and the servant world with no middle class in between like we have today.  2 reviews far better than mine   Read them if you are interested in this book.



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