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Dual hen coop

dual hen coop  first side  april 4 2012 003

Above: Wanted to show you my dual hen coop.  Here’s the opening where the hens come in and out; I had it like this for 5 years. 

Below– you can see how I closed it up today.

dual hen coop  blocked first side april 4 2012 008

The reason I closed it up was to turn their courtyard into a garden this summer.  Below are the stakes for tomatoes (behind sun shelter to brace the plants from the north winds) and bush green beans will be on the  lower fence on the left. 

dual hen coop  garden area april 4 2012 009

(Below) On the other side of the coop is this new opening cut out for them in the new fenced in area.  They’ve been going in and out of it today getting accustomed to it.

dual hen coop  second side april 4 2012 006

Below: Here’s the front of the coop- on the left is the  former side for the hens that is now closed up (just waiting for my tomato plants in late may or june), and the newer side to the right  takes them to a whole new fenced in courtyard.  The new area on the right will be shaded from hot summer sun because it’s the north side of the coop.

Sometimes I miss my bedroom closet door, but it was a good idea after all to put it on the henhouse.

dual hen coop front view of door  april 4 2012 010


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