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Letters on an Elk Hunt


Another book by Elinore Pruitt Stewart which is a continuation of her first book- Letters of a Homesteading Woman.   This one is called Letters on an Elk Hunt.  I simply loved  to hear all that went on back then in Wyoming which was  explained by herself.  Photo below is of her and her husband- the Scotsman she married; the one she was a housekeeper for when she moved out there.


This book – Letters on an Elk Hunt  is so very interesting.  Good thing Grandma Stewart could care for her kids while she went on this long Elk Hunt with a hunting party that included  her husband.  The Indians, The tooth hunters (elk tooth they poached), the man in the photo that no one knew…. story after story that brought you into the early 1900’s in Wyoming!  This one and the first book- Letters from a Homesteading Woman were 2 books I was glad to have found free for the kindle.


   I read online that Elinore’s first husband was not really dead! although she called herself a widow…hmm.  I guess she needed to get away from him, that is, if this info on the link is accurate.

We’ll never know because Elinore isn’t here to write a chapter about it, but after reading her account of living in Wyoming, I realize that she had good character and she wouldn’t have fled from her first husband in the Midwest if she didn’t need to.  She needed to get away from him- I don’t know the reason, but I’m glad she remarried and moved to Wyoming.

Her death- She fell under her plow and got cut up and maybe infection set in, but she died from that accident, not right way, but it did her in and I was sad to hear that because she loved standing behind a plow that horses pulled.  Maybe it was a machine plow… not sure.



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