a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Earl Gray Tea

4th tea sample post from the Upton Tea I’ve been sampling.  Have been doing one a month.  March is the last one.

Earl Gray tea is what I’m drinking this winter.  I have two different kinds from Upton Tea.   First one is Extra Bergamot Earl Gray which is  tea (usually black tea)  with bergamot oil in it and this one has a lot of extra bergamot in it; very very fragrant.    Upton Tea’s page on this Earl Gray tea   When brewing Earl Gray tea I find that if it’s too weak; it makes awful tea, but if it is strong enough- the tea is great.


Bergamot  oil is  aromatic  and goes great in tea.  It’s the oil from the rind of the little lemon/orange like citrus bergamot that flavors the tea.  The next tea I tried from Upton Tea is Earl Gray Supreme. Earl Gray Supreme tea   This one has Assam tea in it. 

(below is a  photo of an 1873 ANTIQUE VICTORIAN ENGLISH STERLING SILVER BOXED AFTERNOON TEA SERVICE 2nd photo close up of the spoons and tongs for the sugar)The two under the teapot are the sugar bowl and cream jug.


See the small shell spoon?  It is called a caddy spoon to measure the loos tea into the teapot.  Isn’t that neat! and was common in the 1800’s.



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