a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Caron’s 3 lavenders

Impact Pour un Homme de Caron Parfum is the best of all three; well kind of.  It’s a fresh true lavender with not much else.  I simply love it and would like to own it some day.  This one is the EDP to caron Pour Homme (the lavender/vanilla one).


The next one below is Pour Un Homme De Caron which has the same bottle as Impact and the same green color to it, yet this one has more than just lavender; it includes musk and vanilla and was created a long time ago by Earnest Daltroff.  click here to read about the creator of this great big gem of a perfume    



Caron Les Plus Belles Lavandes is the next one (below).  It’s a women’s scent compared to the first two as men’s fragrances.  I’d like to tell you how I enjoyed the little sample I had, but it’s so light and fleeting that I don’t have much to say on it.  It’s awfully light and fleeting!


Back in August (Aug. 10th)  I reviewed 4 other lavender scents that were not Caron’s.  There’s no comparison to the smell of lavender- it’ll never go out of style. 


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