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More of all of-a-kind family


imageOct 10th, 2011  I  read the first one; here’s the 2nd book of this short series- More all of-a-Kind Family.  Author of the series, Sydney Taylor (below)


There’s Ella the oldest who meets a special young man in this book, Henny who borrows her sister’s party dress, Sarah (author of the book), Charlotte and Gertie; these are the sisters in the family of the book.  The polio epidemic strikes New York in 1918 and Sarah’s family is affected by it.

Physicians treating polio in New England, 1916.  (photo below)image

a New york east side Jewish market/early 1900’s. (below)


(below) Lower east side in New York city.  1916image

There really was a Rockaway Beach and in this book the family goes there for the unbearable hot summer.

1910 photo below :


Canvas tents for camping at Rockaway Beach in 1910. (photo below)


Here’s a steamer landing at Rockaway Beach in 1910. (below)


Holland Ave. pier at Rockaway beach in 1919 (below)


Uncle Hymen and Lena meet in an unexpected way. Uncle Hymen is the brother of the mom of the family and the Dad runs a salvage shop. 


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