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China Pu-Erh Mini Squares

 Third tea review, this one is January’s and its Pu-Erh mini squares cut from one big square. 

Below photo- 2 squares  I took out of the sample foil bag.

Pu- Erh mini square tea dec 30 2011

 Upton tea page about this tea


Reminds me of the first Pu-erh tea I tried in November; the round compacted little things, but I think I like this one better.  To me it’s a healing tea.  I tried it  the day after I had the stomach flu (first time in 2 yrs I had that).   This tea was a big welcome to me as I only had water in the last 24 hours before brewing this tea.  

The color is a rich brown  similar to coffee.  The taste is smooth and good although totally different from Assam tea.  I think I’ll purchase some of this when I finish up all my samples and need more tea.  photos below- more  Pu-Erh tea  from other sources than Upton.  One of the squares made 5  ( 5 oz. each) cups  of tea.



Below: mountains of Yunnan Simao of China.  Wow, is this neat place where this good tea is grown?  Must be.



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