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Le Maroc pour elle

(new bottle)image 

   (older bottle) image

This is one of my favorite perfumes.  I read somewhere this is the first one Andy Tauer created.  It’s an exotic combination consisting of rose and jasmine with lavender (no wonder I love it), citrus, woods and cedar.  Classified as an oriental perfume.

I like the sweetness of the whole composition which isn’t a sickly sweetness, but rather, it all blends in  so well.  What a way to wear a rose. 

Here are the notes: Moroccan Petigrain/ it’s bitter orange, french lavender,red mandarin, Moroccan rose absolute, Moroccan jasmine absolute, Moroccan cederwood,Sandalwood, Patchouli.


La Maroc Pour elle is on this page of rose perfumes a great collection of rose perfumes     Sweet heady rose and jasmine blended by a few other things; that’s what Le Maroc pour elle is!

To me this is a scent of beauty.  Some are comforting ones, easy going scents… but this one is for when you want to sniff your sweater all day after you’ve sprayed it on.  It’s just beautiful.


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