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Betsy and the Great World/Betsy’s Wedding


Here’s the 2nd post of the 3  on the Betsy-Tacy series.

Betsy grows up in Mankato Minnesota through this series by Maud Hart Lovelace.  I had to look up where Mankato is since I’m only familiar with where St  Paul MN is located; but thanks to someone who lives in Mankato and told me this is where the book originates, now I know; it is south of St Paul and Minneapolis.

I like the way they put 2 books under one cover.  These last two books in the Betsy Tasy series  were the best, since she’s 21 yrs. old now!   I was fascinated with her description of the Portugal Islands- Azores to be exact.


This was in 1914 when Betsy went to Europe, stopping at the island Azores.  She said the houses were cute and painted, maybe not like this exact one, but  quaint none the less. 


below- the old habit costumes that the ladies wore on the island since it rained frequent showers throughout the day.


 Betsy and the Great World  was hard to put down, after all, she goes to Europe at 21 yrs. old!  Germany, Italy, England ( with a few other places in between).   WW 1 starts when she is in England which initiates  an earlier than expected sail home.  It was neat to see Europe in 1914 through the eyes of Betsy.  Did Maud the author really go there?  I don’t know.       

 they are still doing the passion play in Oberammergau

Betsy went an hour from Munich to see the village where the passion play  in Oberammergau  takes place every 2 years.  She met some of the actors.  Now  according to the link above, it is  put on every 10 years.

image  When Tilda and Betsy met  for a get together weekend, they ate pfannkuchen.  I don’t know if this photo is like the one they ate.  There are a lot of different varieties of it all the way to a filled jelly roll.

Casata  di Sicilono is what Betsy ate in Italy with Marcos, but I can’t find photos of it.  She describes it as chopped fruit, nuts and layers of chocolate.  Sounds like a parfait .  In London their dessert of  “cold shape” seems like it is jello.


Betsy’s Wedding


Good thing she said no to Marcos’s proposals in Italy, or else she wouldn’t be marrying Joe !  I think this particular book should have been named-  Newlyweds in 1917.   Tib’s almost engagement to Lucky was a story within a story.  The start of the US getting into WW!  was a thread throughout the latter half of the book.

 The character of Joe is her husband in real life whom she meet in college which makes these books so interesting.  The author combines her own life experiences into the book.

I like the part where Betsy is still in England and World War 1  breaks out because it seems like you get a first hand account of how things were and  the thoughts of the common English person on the street.

imageWW 1 uniform

imageSergeants outfit


imagePresident Wilson declares war in April.

imageThe German Kaiser- Wilhelm ll


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