a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies


tea  pu-erh tuo cha tea  nov 25 2012

(photo taken when I took out the little tea balls from the package). I thought I’d try out some different teas from Upton Teas Upton tea site .    Here is the one I tried first, the one in the photo- PU-ERH TUO CHA  pu-erh tuo cha tea page on UptonFrom now till March 2012  I will be brewing a few samples; one a month since I ordered 5 different ones. 

Small tuo chas (compressed cakes) of black pu-erh tea, with a weight of approximately 3 grams each- an ideal size for one or two cups.

This quote was taken from the Upton page.   By the time the kettle whistled, I still didn’t know how much tea this nugget made, but I got more than Two  5 oz. cups of tea from it!  I counted 6 or 7 cups (I like it strong) and on their page they say one ball only makes 2 or 3 cups.  It’s a smooth tea and I like it very much as well as reading about the origins of it on the tea page.   Has an earthy, slight mossy flavor.

$1.50 sample packet gives you 6 little tea balls for 6 pots of tea. (photo below taken from Upton page).   Surprised that something good can come from China?  I was.



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