a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies



This was the first book I read by Elizabeth Gaskell the author who wrote a few other novels that were made into movies.   I enjoyed this book very much.  Cranford is a  small English village with a lot of older ladies residing there; where Mary  Smith visits her friend, Matty, a few times a year.   In 1851 this book was published, so that’s the time period of the setting of the book.  If a servant had a boyfriend or more than one, they were called “followers”.  Some people didn’t allow their servants to have followers.

The font in this book was way to small for my eyes and way too small for my 125 powered reading glasses, but I got through it.  No man would read this book about older ladies and their daily happenings, but  some things are just for ladies.  I like the humor of the author in how she describes others habits and  eccentricities of those in the book.  People back then had a way of talking that was more elegant and it comes through in this book. 

When the bank closes and no one ever gets their money  back, not to  mention having  no kind of welfare system to be had; you were stuck and broke.  That situation happened in the book to a 58 yr. old lady who was described as “old”.  Now days a 58 yr. old lady is not considered old. (photo below of the author, Elizabeth Gaskell).


 Elizabeth Gaskell married at 22 and died at 55 yrs. old. 

After reading the book, I discovered the movies, so I watched the 4 part series and thought it was done well, but I’m glad I read the book first otherwise the book would not have been  as interesting and some things were changed  since making a book into a movie often changes some parts of the book.


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