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Tom Ford perfumes


I sure was curious about some of the Tom Ford fragrances; finally I tried a few.  Some were awful and two I really liked.

1~Moss Breeches-   Kind of similar to Amber Absolute, but better… sweeter.  I liked this one.

2~Japan Noir-  (pictured above)  Pine needles at first, but I read it was actually a different smell.    Grape base like most of his perfumes, but oh the incense!  Long lasting too.  Liked it!

3~Black Orchard- Grape base, then grape bubblegum.  Something in there stinks.  What is the hype about this one?  I don’t like it.  Lucas Turin in his book Perfumes the guide says there is a cucumber chocolate smell in the perfume.  Who would have guessed?

4~Black Violet- More grape base, and it is kind of pretty, but not for me.  Similar to Black Orchard, but better, much better.  Lucas Turin says it’s a dark floral.  

5~Noir de Noir- This is supposed to be some kind of rose scent, but it stinks.  I put it on after a bath, and needed another bath!  Something in there smelled like my  kitchen trash can. 

I was glad to sample these, but they are way overpriced  even if they claim to be good quality.



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