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Miss Buncle

imageThe library surprised me by sending these two books in my mailbox.  Some months back I was wanting to read more of D.E. Stevenson’s books and these first two of the  Miss Buncle series sitting on my coffee table made my week! 

imageThe first one, Miss Buncle   is the better of the two, but the next book- Miss Buncle  Married  is good because the first book demands an explanation of what occurred next.   I can see the scenario of book one happening in real life- someone writes a true story of the people in the small town and it is obvious who is who in the book! 

I didn’t find out till the end of the book when the will was read that this was in the 1930’s.  I was picturing it in the 50’s.    In the first book, I thought Miss Buncle  age wise was in her 50’s or 60’s, but somewhere in the 2nd book it is  stated that she is 32 (or 36?).

I’d rate the first book a 5, on a scale of 1-5.   No one ever suspected that Miss Buncle was smart enough to write the book which was the humorous point of the whole story.   It was  such an enjoyable book to read.  You got to read this one!  The townspeople  just can’t figure out who the author “John Smith” is.


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