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The Clue of the Broken Blossom


Vicki Barr is in  Hawaii on a vacation and on a trail to a mystery.  Written in 1950 by Julie Campbell  Tatham, Vicki Barr the airline stewardess is from some town in Illinois  which must be close  to the O’ Hara airport no doubt.

Julie Campbell Tatham, the author, also wrote  the Trixie Belden series and the Cherry Ames series.  Cherry Ames the nurse is my favorite of the three; sporting red rosy cheeks and dark brown hair, in contrast,  Vicki Barr is a petite blonde, and Trixie Belden is  a more sunny yellow blonde with freckles and a tan.

I have read only a a few Vicki Barr books, unlike the Nancy Drew series which include 30 or more for me to remember, but what I like about this particular book is the explanations of Hawaiian customs and vocabulary.  

The story centers around the fictitious Walu Island in Hawaii  that has a pineapple plant on it.  I did check it out online- there is no Walu  Island in Hawaii that I could find, but there is a Walu fish; an oily buttery tasting fish that gives people diarrhea very bad.

I like the scene where Vicki wakes  up at her hosts’ house on the beach and is served a chilled pineapple juice before taking a dip in the ocean- ahh, now that’s a good vacation day!


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