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English muffins


This is my favorite brand of English muffins- Thomas.  Newly Weds are in the cooler section of the supermarket, those are great too- and expensive, so I got the King Arthur recipe and  tried making my own.  ‌king Arthur’s English muffin recipe

english muffin 1 sept 2011

I only made a 1/2 batch and froze most of them.   You get that pulled look from parting them with a fork.  Never use a knife on English muffins.  I was surprised to find out that you cook these in a frying pan or pancake skillet.

I used a cast iron pan, but the middle doesn’t get done, so I baked them for 10 minutes afterwards.    They make great Egg McMuffins.  Mine don’t have dough conditioners or preservatives like the expensive store ones, and mine  taste just as good, or better.

I didn’t cut these out like cookie cutter cookies, instead I rolled them in a ball and let them rise for an hour.  A guy on U tube did that and I think they turn out better.


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