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Summer at Tiffany


I’m so glad I read this book!  As you know, I like true stories, and this is  one of them.   College students from Iowa Marjorie and Marty go to New York for the summer in 1945 and here’s their story. 

I found out through this book that  a plane crashed into the Empire State building on  account of foggy weather and killed about 30 people and  injuring others.  Luckily it was a Saturday when less people were affected, rather than on a busy week day.  Marjorie and Marty felt their apartment building shake that morning when it happened.

I just wish the book had bolder bigger print since it was hard to read with that tiny writing.  They ate lunch every day at the Auto Mat; something that always fascinated me.  The macaroni and cheese was supposed to be very good as well as their cherry pies! (so says Marjorie in the book), but they could not afford either ; maybe they ate cherry pie after they added their new roommate to make it a 3-some which gave them a little more spending money.




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