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Mrs. Tim Flies Home

imageI totally enjoyed this book!  It was only my 2nd D. E Stevenson book I read, and  this one is even better than the first in the series.   I couldn’t put it down, but I did get housework and garden work in between  readings.    Every aspect of the book was interesting, and of course, there is always a happy ending in her books.  a link to a short biography of  D E Stevenson    I read the first and the last  of this 4 book series (scroll down for the 4 books listed).  I hate not reading books in proper order as they were written, but I have to rely on the public library  which messes up the order I am able to read them when they come in the mail.

imageHere’s her  photo of younger days.

Here’s a good article on the republishing of her books!

This particular series: (there were other ones too)

Mrs. Tim of the Regiment  1932

Mrs. Tim carries on            1941

Mrs. Tim gets a job            1947

Mrs. Tim flies home           1952


These 4 books are taken from her diaries .   Maybe they are embellished a little, I don’t know, but I do love  reading about all her characters and what goes on.

In this book the author writes a forward (is that also a preface?) telling how  the diary that became this 4 book series is all true.  Here’s what she wrote:

It is all true.  It is true that a German plane cam down on the moor in the middle of a shooting party and the two airmen were captured.  It is true that German planes came down to low level in Norfolk, and elsewhere, and used machine guns to kill pedestrians on the roads. 

She must have been referring to the book in the series before this one, since those two things were not included in this book I read- Mrs. Tim Flies Home,  It was something I’ve never heard of before  Germans shooting on pedestrians during broad daylight!



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