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Lavender perfumes

July is the month to be in love  with  lavender because it ripens and is ready to be cut from the lavender fields.  I recently tried 4 lavender perfumes last month that were new to me and all wearable I found out!  image

I love breathing in real lavender; it is so clean and fresh  and it has antiseptic  properties.  It’s from the mint family and I have to remind myself to make some lavender ice tea and lavender lemonade before the summer is over.


Lavende Tea   Lavende Tea by Annic Goutal.  It’s not available in the US except for in samples.  It’s a bright lavender like the one below.  Seem like you are walking around with sprigs of lavender in your pocket when you get a whif of it!  This bottle in the photo isn’t the exact lavendre tea one, but it is an Annick Goutal bottle.  This scent came out  in 1981 and I just now tried it.   Took me all these years to try it!

Eau de Lavande Parfums Annick Goutal 1981 Created by Elizabeth Doyen; a lavender fragrance with top notes of wild lavender, heart notes of pepper and clove on base notes of Tonka bean and vanilla


imageLavende Tea  Lavender Tea by CB I hate perfume is similar to Annick Goutal’s Lavende Tea in that it’s a strong lavender; just beautiful and real bright.   Created in 2006; it reminds me of the salve I make when I steep lavender buds in olive oil before straining it. the bottle shown here is the oil type- bad for material, but good for the skin. \

It also come in the spray form which would be good for spraying on clothes- around your collar and sleeves and under clothing which holds the power of the scent real well.  This is my favorite from  all   4 listed, actually Annick’s Goutal’s  is equal to this one too, but hard to obtain in the US.



Taste of Heaven  Not straight lavender, but it’s obviously in there.  Taste of heaven by Killian ( 2007).  So many men’s cologne have lavender in them, although this isn’t a “mans only” scent.   I like these kind of samples that Taste of Heaven is– it’s strong enough for  3 times of trying  it out, unlike some samples you have to use up 1 dose in at once because of weak perfume.

image    image

Jicky  Here’s an old vintage neat bottle and next is the newer reformulated one.  Jicky by Guerlain.  Finally I tried it; the newer version.  I like the lavender/vanilla and spicy dry down.  1889 was it’s creation year, but of course there’s been reformulations over the years with more synthetics and who knows what else.  I’ve never tried the vintage one.

Hurrah for lavender!  One of the best all around herbs there is for salves, room fresheners and perfumes.  If you are  a lavender lover, you might have to have one of these perfumes for your very own.


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