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The Good Husband of Zebra Drive book review


This is the end of the 5 days of book reviews from the Ladies No1# Detective Agency series, but there’s  more to come next month.  Still left in the series are 4 more books.   I’ll post a 4 day in a row  write up of  those books in the future.

I just found out that there really is a town called Mochudi where Mma  Ramotswe grew up!   (photo below)   Mochudi info  !    Might be a fiction book, but the places are real.   The link  is about Mochudi compliments of Wikipedia.  In this book there is a case for the detective agency to solve at the hospital in Mochudi which is about 40 minutes away, or  a little longer if you have to go slow for potholes and stray cattle in the road.



A street in Mochudi- Mma Ramostwe’s hometown; there’s Mma Ramostwe’s white van to the right of photo above !   I’ve grown to appreciate Precious Ramostwe’s   character in the book.  She’s  wise and slow to anger, kind, and observant which is why she’s a good detective.  


When she met the doctor for lunch in Mochudi,  pap was  a staple on the menu with roasted corn on the cob.   Wkii’s story on pap   Pap is thick and sticky like rice or cornmeal; it’s a maize.  Can be made thicker than what is in this bowl below.

image  image

Below is Gaborone where the ladies detective agency and  Mr. JLM’ Koneotki’s  mechanic garage is.  I didn’t realize it is a city of over 180,00 people!  image

       I think I spotted Mma Ramootswe’s little white minivan again!


Diamond factories in Botswana below


Botswana has diamond factories.   Someone gets a diamond engagement ring in this book!   Some books back, a boy discovers that someone got a fake diamond and it was funny how the author brought it into the story.



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