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Blue Shoes and Happiness book review


4th day of reviews for the No 1# Ladies Detective Agency series by McCall Smith.  Have a great day everyone!

This one was worth reading- the agency has some mysteries to solve; a blackmail issue among others, but the  most enjoyable  parts of the book are the descriptions of Africa… the cattle, the serenity…the way of life described… the relationship between Mma Ramotswe and Mr. JLB Mateloni; one of respect and mutual admiration.  They both feel fortunate to have a spouse of good character; which is a vey good thing to value. 

  Grace Makutsi is of equal interest in every book- the development of her life.  I picture her in my mind  so precisely with those big glasses.  She’s in her 30’s and Mma Ramotswe is in her 40’s.  Grace Makusti has got a man, a real man- a fiancé!

When I read  Morality for Beautiful Women, (first one I did  read of the series) I imagined Mma Ramotswe  as a white woman with ash blond hair and traditionally built.  At least I got the “traditionally built“ part right!  It took a few books to get a proper picture of her in my mind- Black, traditionally built Bostwana woman.

I’m getting in the swing of Botswana-

It’s summer and I sweat in the garden.  I’ve been wearing head wraps;  what an African flair it  adds to make you feel like you’ve been to Botswana while reading this series !!  (These photos are from off the web,   It’s not me pictured there)

image  image   imageThese things (if cotton) really catch the sweat that you get from your head, especially when you are out in the garden sweating, but even in  the house on a hot day these are great as your head and neck sweat !    I add a dry desert  (somewhat African in nature) perfume like Andy Tauer’s    L’Air du Dessert  Marocain   (*I’ve got the older bottle compared to the new blue one in the photo) .  Now that can  sure get a person  in the spirit of this book series !   Head wraps-   African/ desert like  perfume/ and reading this series is like a trip to Botswana in South Africa.

image image

*Got my bottle from a perfume swap last summer.


There’s a cobra  snake in the Ladies No ! detective agency office in the beginning of the book.  Below is a photo of William and  Harry (the brothers from England) in Botswana in June 2010  playing around with a snake; looks like one is having more fun than the other!   Is it a cobra?



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