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The Full Cupboard of Life/In the Company of Cheerful Ladies book review


We are on our 3rd day of book reviews from the series- Ladies No1 Detective agency by McCall Smith.

This one I really enjoyed- The Full Cupboard of Life  by Alexander McCall Smith which is the 5th book  in the series.   Good plot and a great ending  help this book be a success.    The more you read the series, the more you feel as though you’ve been in this town – the mechanic shop, the no 1 ladies detective agency,  Zebra drive…  the paw paw trees in the backyard.

  Mr. JLB Matekoni is such a good man  that it’s a pleasure to read about him.  It’s good to read about  men with integrity as characters in books.  He does so much for the orphanage; even adopted 2 kids from there.   He’s such a humble and  longsuffering man with his two young apprentices  at the shop.  

Seswaa national Botswana dish  It’s boiled meat (beef or goat) pounded and salted.  Oh boy.  Served on a bed of some kind of  maize mush.

imageimageHere’s how you cook it.




 Mopane worm used in Phane  stew; major source of protein; handpicked from a mopane tree.  Looks like there is no meat in this stew,  only mopane worms.  200g  mopane worms, 1 onion, 2 green bell peppers finely chopped, 6 sliced tomatoes.   photo of phane stew on this page!   Mma Romatswe mentions in one of the books (was it this one?) that the boy likes the worms .

imageMma Ramotswe makes a lot of beef stews with pumpkin. It’s a supper favorite of theirs.

Lot of surprises in this book and it  goes a little faster pace than previous ones.  Best book yet in the series!  You get to know the characters even more and the people in town are talking… talking about this long engagement  that  Precious Ramatowe and Mr. JLB Matekoni  are having, but Mr. JLB Matekoni wants to save up for a proper wedding and that will take at least a year.

I heard there was a PBS series of these books, but now that I’ve read the books, I don’t  want to see the movie  for fear it’ll ruin how I saw it all through reading the books.   (Paw Paw photo and Paw paw tree  below)


Paw paw fruit and Paw paw tree

In the Company of Cheerful Ladies


Grace Makutsi buys new shoes when she gets bonus  money and meets an eligible bachelor in this book!  (she is 30 something you know).  Mma Ramatswe’s little white van goes missing!   Charlie the young apprentice   in the garage has women problems and the trumpet player wife beating man shows up.  

The  Botswana photo below and excerpt is taken from the china daily newspaper online.


A male lion charges at two male cheetahs feasting on a Bok, which speedily flee, at the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana, October 22, 2008. Captured by an amateur photographer and also a wildlife guide, this amazing sequence of photographs show a male lion chasing on a couple of cheetahs, the fastest land animal in the world, for their freshly caught meal, at the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana


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