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The Kalahari Typing School for Men book review



It’s a hoopoe bird from Botswana.  One fell dead in the garden at Zebra Drive, so I had to look it up and see what the bird looked like.  What a beautiful bird! no wonder Mr. JLB Matekoni didn’t want to see it dead and he knew someone deliberately killed it.


The little boy Mma Ramotswe and Mr. JLB Matekoni adopted had some bushman in him.  They also adopted his sister from the orphanage.


Here’s the  4th book  of the  No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series  by Alexander McCall Smith.   I’ve never been to Africa and never will, and for that reason the background of this short series  is educational and fun.  I’m always rooting for Mma Makutsi the assistant in the agency.   She’s been the co- star of every book in the series I’ve read so far.   

I don’t like the way one of the cases ended;  it wasn’t right.  The assistant detective- Mma Makutsi wasn’t told the truth about her suitor.  It bothered me.  I think the author of this book should have made things right at the end and not withheld the truth to Mma Makusti.  Another form of “he’s cheating on me” case which isn’t what I like to read.

There’s  so much different stuff to write about that is way better, yet I’d still recommend this particular book in the series because it develops the characters and  makes you root for  Grace Makutsi.   The book isn’t only about the agency, it’s about  getting along with others, that is what I see developing in this series.

imageHere’s the tea they drink every day at the agency when it’s break time- Bush tea!  It’s from a red bush shrub and is non-caffeinated.

tomorrow-The Full Cupboard of Life and In the  Company of Cheerful Ladies


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