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Morality for Beautiful Girls book review


5 day series is here;  feels like I’m in Botswana this summer has I read the Ladies No 1 Detective Agency series.

 This starts 5 days of book reviews from this series.  Notice how I progress in getting the feel for South Africa as the reviews go by. Botswana… the ladies detective agency… it’s just fiction, but seems so real and meeting the characters is enjoyable.  

Log onto the author’s site and listen to the song (top right) .   authors site  The more you read of the series, the more the instrumental music makes the series seem real and gives you the feeling of Bostwana, Mma Ramotswe, Mr. JLB Matekoni and Mma Ramotswe’s assistant Grace Makutsi.


This posts  covers the first 3 books of series of No 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

1- The no 1 Ladies detective agency-  First book of the series and I didn’t read it.

2-Tears of the Giraffe-  I don’t recommend this one

3- Morality for beautiful girls- This one was good.  I’d recommend it.

I just read this book Morality for beautiful girls  and it wasn’t too bad.   Often I like to read series in the proper sequence, but for this one I didn’t mind  skipping to the 3rd book in the series.   This one is a mystery and I like the theme of a detective agency.  There’s four mysteries in the book that have to be solved, yet two of them  remain a mystery at the end of the book. 


Want to be transported to Africa for this series?  Here you go!   I always take note when the author is male and writes about how a women feels, likewise, I notice when the author is a female and writes about the inner workings of a man’s mind; it’s just interesting.  photo below- Botswana white cattle that is mentioned often in the books.


Clean language.  I appreciate that in this book (don’t know about the following books yet).  Propriety and  decentness  is what I want to find in a book.   I don’t recall any swearing this book… hope there isn’t any In his other books as well, but I don’t know since I haven’t read any others so far.  

It’s a good mystery book and I admire the character of   Mma Makutsa the assistant detective.  She’s so productive , smart  and honest that she shines as the  co-star of the book.

For the record so far:

I  didn’t read the first on of the series and don’t intend to

I Read  Mortality for Beautiful women

next I read   Tears of the Giraffe (wish I would have skipped it)


Tears of a Giraffe.  Two  of the cases that the agency has to solve involves  adultery and  I don’t like  reading about  that.   The author could have changed those two cases around to something else, but he didn’t, because of that I’ll just tag  on this book here to say I read it, but  it wasn’t as good as   Morality for beautiful girls.   If I had a heads up on this info, I’d skip this book of the series.  Skip this one, it’s  not worth it. 

Tomorrow -   The Kalahari Typing School for men review.


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