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wheel chair wheels hen coop


july 20 21 11 004

I can’t take the credit for this, someone else made it.coop wheelchair wheel

The wheel chair wheels on either side  help the coop to move easily because they are light and durable.   This idea really works well!  The man that made it put 3 different notches  in the center of the wheel in the pressboard so you can have 3 different heights.  I got it in the middle one.

july 20 21 11 002

View from photo above this one to the right.  There’s a door you open to get the eggs.  They roost on that platform at night and in the green plastic nesting box.  See the perch to roost on?  They don’t use it.

These  5 Barred rocks lay light eggs don’t they?  I have another flock of 10 in another coop and some of them lay darker eggs.

july 20 21 11 001

barred rock on coop

It’s  not winterized.  I only have them in this for  the summer, but it could be winterized with more work to it.  I got another place for these 5 for the winter, so I’ll leave it as it is.


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