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The Mrs. ‘Arris series


I read this light, enjoyable 3 book series and would recommend it, yet I happened to  read them out of order (which I try not to do) but sometimes it happens.   Of all three books I enjoyed the first one in the series the most, yet the other two were great too.

My kind of book!  It’s the first one I read, but it was the 2nd one  of the series.   Was interesting to read about  the author, Paul Gallico,  on Wikii .   The series is in this order:

Mrs. ‘Arris goes to Paris,

Mrs. ‘Arris goes to New York,

Mrs. ‘Arris goes to Parliament.


Mrs. ‘ Arris  is Ada Harris  a housecleaning servant  in England; char women is what they call them over there.  Her adventure  and mission  is enormous  and in it’s own way, turns out perfectly at the end.   This book was published 5o years ago  and will never go out of style because  it’s a good story.

  I always wonder if any of it is true when I read a fiction book that seems like some of it could have happened.     She’s a loveable  lady who brings people together  and  has a wonderful adventure  while  she’s aiding in the solving of the  personal problems of those around her.

Authors have to get their characters from somewhere and it’s usually real life people that they have encountered.  On Wikki it says  the author  has lived in England  which seems true as he details every day life in England as someone who knows about it.   This book has a good ending, as  all books should,  especially fiction books where  you can make it a   point to have an ending that is beneficial to  all the characters.  


Mrs. Harris Goes to Parliament

This one was equally good, and what an ending it had!  Fiction at it’s best, yet enough realism to make it believable; and that ending….this is the 2nd one I read- out of order.

Mrs. ‘Arris  ends up in  Parliament and as the plot is revealed, changes have to be made.   One  humorous part was when the author compares American campaigning  to the British way.   Got to hand it to Mrs. Harris as she gets to the root of the problem when confronted with it as she finally realizes the political scheming that took place .  The ending  of the book is sweet as can be; great ending.



The last I read was the first of the series-  Mrs. ‘Arris goes to Paris .  This book introduces you to Mrs.  ‘Arris   as she is on the plane heading for Paris for her Dior dress.    Her stay in Paris and the people she meets  there is what is so interesting.  She solves peoples problems  which a big part of the plot and finds out that the working class in  France  are down to earth just like the British working class are.  I enjoyed this book very much and would suggest to anyone who’d like to read the series  to read them in order, this being the  first one.


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  1. sabrina

    Mrs ‘Arris Goes To Paris is one of my favorite stories ever. If you ever have the opportunity to watch the TV-movie adaptation, I highly recommend it. It stars Angela Lansbury as Mrs. “Arris and also features Omar Sharif and Diana Rigg. You might be able to find it on VHS. It’s not out yet on DVD.

    April 2, 2012 at 2:47 pm

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