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The Days of Duchess Anne


My book cover didn’t look like this one, but here’s the book with Duchess Anne’s painting on the cover.

imageThis was the cover on the book I read.  "Rosalind Kay Marshall" is the author/published in 2000.


Here is a book that  revealed every day life of  the late 1600 time period- 400 yrs. ago!  Wow.   The Days of Duchess Anne by Rosalind K. Marshall   is the book and down below is Hamilton Palace where Duchess Anne lived when she was married and raising a family besides having  numerous cousins and other kindred in her household.

Hamilton Palace -  built 1695, demolished 1921  was used as a naval hospital in WW1 before being demolished.

image   Here’s where I got the photo with more Hamilton info.

Duchess Anne of Hamilton



http://www.fabrics-store.com/blog/2009/04/15/anne-duchess-of-hamilton-the-dress-of-a-great-seventeenth-century-scottish-lady/     Tells more of her life

http://preferreading.blogspot.com/2010/11/days-of-duchess-anne-rosalind-k.html   Here is another review of the book

imageHere’s Duchess’s Anne’s first son- James.   He was a run around bachelor who lived in London and had no desire to live in Scotland at Hamilton palace after his father died.  Grandma (Duchess Anne of Hamilton)  had to raise his children because he was living the high life in London!  Debts, debts, debts was the story of his life.   All’s he wanted from Hamilton Palace was to borrow money from it.  He was every mothers nightmare.  Finally he died in a dual in his 50’s.  The book  had his story weaved through it and I think that the book should have been named: My son James the trouble maker. 

Duchess Anne did so much for the town of Hamilton; a big  contrast to her son’s  selfish lifestyle.  Her palace had deer parks, gardens, and fishponds in it’s day.  Her other son, Charles, was with her when she died in bed.   She  had a woolen manufacture factory build in town.  Coal mining  was started with her help and she  paid to have the hospital rebuilt; the one her grandfather started.  Those are some of the highlights of her giving to the community in a generous way that she did.  What a lady!

Why  no Christmas

imageThis was interesting-Christmas wasn’t celebrated, but New Years’  was because Christmas was considered very Catholic back then.  Duchess Anne had a Presbyterian background and there was a big big difference from that and the  Catholic ways.  Dec 05, 09   I wrote a post on “the Martha years” ;  Laura Ingle’s great grandmother in Scotland was Martha and  in the book they didn’t have Christmas, just New Years.  It was the same time period as Duchess  Anne and now I know why Laura Ingles great grandmother didn’t celebrate Christmas since they were Presbyterian too!

Yachting and ferries 

In the reign of Charles II yachting and ferries were popular.  The Duke and Duchess of Hamilton went on the “Mary” to Leith to Greenwhich.

Cockfighting?  I couldn’t believe it, but on page 116 in the book, cockfighting was a sport for children!  Maybe teenagers.  Sounds bad to me- I keep layer hens!

Her growing up years

The beginning of the book explained  how she was raised, her family and the politics of the time period which helps the reader understand her as a person.  I enjoyed this book and would recommend it.



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