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a tomato story

tomatoes side of house all 4I planted these tomatoes plants on the side of the house this morning and took this photo.  This spot gets south west afternoon sun and is shielded from the north wind, so I thought it be a good place for tomatoes! 

tomatoes side of houseThis view is missing the 4th tomato plant on the left.  I filled in grass clippings around the plants, and  circled them so you could see where they were.  These were the smaller left over plants in the greenhouse.  The bigger ones in the previous post went to the garden and I’m not sure what each type is (these were from the tray that didn’t get labeled properly).  I think there is a Brandywine  plant in the middle of the 2nd photo.  The first and last plant are beef stake ones, that is why I put them by the  green metal post.

For the last 8 years this spot was filled with  climbing rose bushes.  I put an add in the paper for someone to come and dig them out and haul them away.   A mom and daughter came yesterday and it was a big job for them since the roots were woody and down deep, but they got them out!  There van was filled with 4 big climbing rose bushes when they drove away.

I was so happy to have this space for tomatoes!   I’ll  have to take another photo  in August of this exact spot.


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