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Mrs. Tim’s Regiment

image       someone else read this too!   I had to look up “mince collops” which is what Betty ate after she was lost and then found down by the rocks and water.  Seems that mince collops is like a corn beef hash (mushed up) served on toast. 

D E Stevenson converted her diary into a book; diary of a year in the life of herself as her husband gets promoted in the English army and Hester (Mrs. Tim) is 30 something  age wise with 2 children.

This is the first in this particular series of 4 books.  Here they are in order:  Mrs. Tim of the regiment (1932), MRs Tim carries on (1941), Mrs. Tim gets a job (1947), Mrs.. Tim flies home (1952).

She wrote other books too, but this is the only one I read so far.  It’s the only one our library had, but I’d like to read more of her books if I can find them at cheap bookstores, or through the library.

  I think these authors from England are intriguing because I’ve never been over there  to see how  they have their own culture and when certain ways of doing things differ from normal American ways, how interesting it is!

I always take note to what year the book was written since it’s a product of that particular time period.   The hired help   characters are always interesting to read about .  I’d like to read this whole series if I can locate the other books.

Hester (Mrs. Tim) is so calm, cool and collective  and has a way with  managing people in the most discreet way which makes her so interesting to read about as well as the way she interacts with people and describes them.


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