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memorial day 2011- a tribute to the spies

memorial day 2011 001Do you have your flag out today?  We do.    I’ m thinking about the spies; the good spies  during WW2.  This post is dedicated to  all the American, British and French spies who  did a big part in winning the war.  I’ve never thought about the spies contribution before seeing this movie.  I don’t know, just never thought of it; seems the focus is on the soldiers usually.

  Can’t get this movie out of my mind- Carve Her name With Pride.  It’s a 1958 movie about Violet Szarbo the British spy. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0051454/     It might be on u tube.  Some clips of the movie are there, don’t know about the whole movie.

Violet Szarbo- (down below) the British spy who helped win WW2.  Died at 23  yrs old.  She should not have took that 2nd mission since the Germans tortured female spies horribly.

imageabout violet Szarbo the brave young British spy     

     timeline on her life


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