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More on Louisa May Alcott

May was one of her sister’s name too, besides being Louisa’s middle name.  About this book- Life, letters and journals, which was a type of biography of her written just two years after she died;   you learn a lot about her and how she came to write the books and short stories.   I enjoyed reading about her life which includes her sisters and parents; later on nieces and  nephews too.  She never married and she supported her parents and sisters with all her writings.

imageHere is an old copy of the book I’m talking about.  There is a pink cover of the same book at the end of the  previous post .  A family friend wrote this soon after Louisa May Alcott died.  She only lived to 55 yrs. old possibly due to the mercury she was given for typhoid fever some years back. 

She took opium for her headaches after the Typhoid fever and mentions she has a hard time sleeping without it.  The advancement of medicine is wonderful for us compared to Louisa Alcott’s time .   Back then they did  “cupping” drawing out the blood to get people well;  gives me shivers.  I read about it other books of that time period, although not mentioned in Louise Alcott’s book.


The Europe chapter

I found this chapter the most interesting  of the whole book.  She was finally making  enough money for her family back home  and had extra money for a trip to  Europe.  Louisa along with her sister May who painted, and someone named A.  head off to Europe for a year .  The letters that Louisa sent back to her family  were so interesting  to read as they detailed her adventurous year long  trip.

  Many local scenarios and people she writes about and  the humorous incidents they ran into were fascinating to me; like the procession they watched and the priest bopped a boy on the head who wasn’t behaving…. then there was the time they were chased by pigs in the countryside.

She tells of the variety of people they have meals with at the different  inns they stayed at for even more diversity.  One time there was a flood- this was in France I think, but her hotel was on higher ground, so she wasn’t affected by it, but another hotel on lower ground had their  guests in chaos with all the flooding.

image         image

What’s a nosegay?  I had to look it up.  It’s just a little bouquet of flowers to make the nose gay.  Louisa would be given those from time to time.



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