a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

train to Seattle

seattle trip 002seattle trip 003

The scenery was beautiful.  These photos are from Wenatchee WA to Seattle through the train window.

seattle trip 004

This route goes through the Cascade mountains.  It was snowing that morning.

 seattle trip 006

2 dislikes about the train-

The Cascade tunnel is about 20 minutes of darkness; glad when it’s over.  Secondly, much of the railroad track is right next to big drop –offs!  If I lean to the window , it feels like I’ll tilt the train.

seattle trip 009

Pulling in to Seattle- here’s our train.

seattle trip 010 blue light windows station

Old train stations are so neat.  I like the way the daylight looked blue through the windows.  This is the Compass room which has been restored. 

I didn’t get the photos of the waiting room area, but I should have taken some pictures of the remodeling they are doing there.  Old parts of the walls and ceiling are in plain view.  Ill have to take pics of it  on our next train trip there.

compass room floor

and the compass room has a compass floor.

mountains gas station

Looks like an old gas station. This might have been in Skyomish.


mountains 3 nice

Nice place for a house!



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