a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies


   Two Vanilla  perfumes with the type of vanilla of old books!

imagePatchouli Leaves by Montale.   I had a sample of this and I gave it away.  (sniffle sniffle).  This was a 2ml sample compared to a smaller 1ml vial.   The reason I loved this sample was because of the old book scent.  That’s what this vanilla was- an old book scent.  Lucas Turin explained the mystery of who old books smell like vanilla when the paper breaks down over the years.  It’s an autumn mood invoking scent.  Why did I give that sample away?  Some days I wish I had it back, but I have another sample of this type of vanilla.

imageDulcis in Fundo by Profumum.   More old book pages vanilla to my nose, yet it’s sweeter than Patchouli Leaves. This is why I don’t miss the Patchouli leaves sample since I have 2  ml’s of this!  Dulcis in Fundo.  The ingredients include “Mexican vanilla”.  Of the two, I like Patchouli leaves more, but I’m very happy to have this sample too.

These aren’t the only two perfumes with  the vanilla of the old book pages (compared to the rich sweet vanilla in Shalimar), but if you  wear anyone of these two perfumes and take a break to read a book on the sofa,  it’ll be a good hour with a book and the fragrance of this  distinct vanilla.


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