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The Miss Read series, Thrush Green too

imageDora Saint is her real name.  She wrote after the 2nd world war and was born in 1913. ( My book had a different cover) I started with the fist one in the series called Village School written in  1955.  Small town rural country life of England is what it’s about; specifically the elementary school in the village.  small photo of author, short bio too 


Here are some of the  British phrases and words that sound so odd to us Americans- I took these right out of the book. 

  • Tucked him in his rug  pg 84  Is it a blanket .
  • The Beetle and the Wedge.  pg 86  Name of a pub in their small town .
  • git on with it””  pg 87      Means to hurry up and say what you are trying to say.
  • digs in the village  pg 93.      Rentals.  It’s a place to rent.
  • Nothing but sut I’ll lay!  pg 106        The janitor was saying there was sut in the wood stove.  “I’ll lay”  means I’ll bet.     “
  • “He’s taking the tractor out to right the van”     He’s taking the van out of the  ditch of snow with by pulling it with the tractor. “   Pg 108      
  • Slummocky- page 114.  “didn’t want to be as slummomcky as the creature next door must mean not clean and unkept?
  • Her copper was humming merrily”  pg 121     The tea kettle with steam coming out of the spout.
  • Rate payers     page 162    Tax payers
  • “A turn about in the shops”   shopping downtown

imageA dundee cake  is a type of fruit cake.  I had to google a dundee cake to see what it was!


 imageA steak and kidney pie.

I don’t know when the love for  British curry started, but I remember Elizabeth Grant from the 1800’s (other post on her book) mentioning that her husband loved curry and it’s mentioned in the Miss Reads books too.


Seed Cakes

In the last book of Thrush Green   Celebrations at Thrush Green,  seed cakes are mentioned.  I looked them up and it looks like it’s a sponge type of cake with caraway seeds  in it; sometimes almonds crushed up too.  this must be seed cake

crushed anise, caraway, coriander, cardamom, etc. – choose something flavorful & pleasant  here’s the recipe where this came from


Wish it was poppy seed cake they’re talking about


Thrush Green series that she also wrote

The little town of Thrush Green (somewhere in England)  appeals to me because I like the country life  compared to the cities.   Each book focuses on some town problems that people solve and  at the same time the book focuses on a few specific residents and their life in the 1950- ish time period setting..  There’s a couple that get married in each book too.  I could only read the ones our library carried which wasn’t all of them, yet I read enough  of them to have my fill of the series .  

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  1. amy

    Lookin’ good! Had fun with the British sayings and all the yummy baked and cooked food pics.

    April 14, 2011 at 7:55 am

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