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China free Vitamin C

I didn’t realize how much we need  large doses Vit C  until I read articles on the following website.

Where do you find it?  I only  know of one place, if you find another, let me in on it. http://http://www.vitamincfoundation.org/      This website has a lot of great articles about Vitamin C, so many that you can  go back to the site and just keep on reading time after  time.   I bought the  powder Vit. C (ascorbic acid)  that they sell (comes from Europe, not China) and  it gave me a lot of energy.

  It’s a pretty good buy since 1/4 tsp. equals 500 mg.    These articles on Vit c  are  very informative too as well as the U-tube videos that they lead you too from the website.

I take mine in grapefruit juice, just 1 ounce or 2 at a time .  I didn’t know I like grapefruit juice so much before I started   having it every day with the Vit c in it.   It is better than orange juice ( to me anyway).


More about Vitamin C

This story of the New Zealand Man  here’s the 17 minute  60 minutes story of Allen Smith cured by Vit C    got my attention on the power of Vit C along with the Vit foundation.org website.    That little packet the wife is putting in his glass of water (about 15 min. into video) is lypo spheric Vit C that goes into the cells.  Here’s Allen Smith  introducing Dr Levy in New Zealand at a Vit C conference.


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