a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

the greenhouse

Shelves getting built in the greenhouse.  Good.  Now  I can have my windowsills, dining room table, sofa, and floor space back to normal in the home since they were all taken up with plants and seedling trays.

greenhouse 001 shelves

Hey- it looks like a greenhouse now!

greenhouse 004  plants on shlelves

greenhouse 002 nail air gunHad a little help from this nail air gun.  These nail gun’s run  150.00 or more and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen one. 

I started using plastic forks for the plant markers,

greenhouse 003  plants

then went to cutting up the window blinds (it says “Brandywine tomato” on  cut up window blinds below)

greenhouse 006 tomato close up

Now I’m using nice store bought ones (not shown).

greenhouse 010  door claspgreenhouse 009 door clasp close upHere’s a new clasp for the $15.00 broken screen door from bargin town.  Can’t have wind in the greenhouse for those tiny plants.


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