a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

my favorite weatherman

my favorite weatherman talking about solar and lunar modulations  Here’s the link  to the u tube short video of him, Piers Corybn, the astrophysicist who understands solar and lunar events that cause the weather.   Since the Tsunami in Japan I have been listening to him.  Solar flares produced the Tsunami.  He says Nuclear power is over rated.  I like the way he can explain  some of these things  in a way the average Joe can understand it.

imageIt was humorous at the end of the video when asked if the earth as a consciousness (gaia) and he said no, but we do as people.

More turbulence to come in late March

That is what Piers Corybn says, especially around Marcy 27th where the Midwest has blizzards and in Oklahoma, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan.  Flooding in Midwest like Ohio has now.  Could it be this super storm coming from the Pacific that could start all of this?

from Corbyns website        Here is his website link to the left in blue.  Can’t get the font any bigger… still working on it.


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