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Update- I’m not taking this stuff ever again!  I’ve switched to Barley Green!

Warning- Don’t take this stuff.  I wrote the below post about it  before I realized how sick it can get you.  this is dangerous.  Take Barley green instead which is not as potent and will not get you  sick.

Ever took this before?  I ordered Dr. Mercola’s  premium  chlorella about 2 years ago- the tablet form in the photo.  I threw up rather violently.  How did I know 6 in one day was to many?  A year later I tried some again- only two; threw up again, rather violently.

Now it is  2  1/2 years later and I’m trying it again, but I got smart.  Don’t take it on an empty stomach!   I put it in this:


imageOk, Now we’re getting somewhere!   In the Vita mix I put 4 or 5 ounces of  Breyers mint choc chip ice-cream, milk and  chlorella; about a 1/4 tsp. of the powder kind.  Breyers all natural ice cream  has sugar in it, not corn syrup, that’s why I eat this brand of ice cream.

list of products that DO NOT have corn syrup


There’s more to digest about Chlorella

take a look at this post and comments    Looks like others are getting very sick on this too, and the blogger here even had it in a milkshake like I did.   Is it an allergic reaction like they say, or is it your body throwing off poisons?   Note the Dec. 16, 2010 comment  about  taking the allergy test with the chlorella by pricking your skin with a sterile needle and applying some chlorella on it to see if you get hives there.  I haven’t done that yet.

I don’t go beyond a 1/4 tsp in my  milkshake.  Never will take more than that.   I just don’t know why many are vomiting from it.  Allergy?  Bad batch?  Toxins coming out faster that the liver can handle it?  It’s an unsolved mystery in book, but I am taking it for now- cautiously.

It does so much good for you; is classified as a food, and  it is  staying down this time  when I put it in a milkshake, so I’ll keep taking it.


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