a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

just more curtains


040curtains paisleyThis was my last window that needed some curtains, so I used the curtains that were already hanging on a different window (the window I put the olive Wal- Mart  tablecloth curtains on).   These curtains have a  cotton  brick red paisley print which I picked out specifically to go with the sofa cover that has a little brick red stripe in it.  Material was 5 or 6 yards for 15.00 total price.   Walmart took out their material department so there goes those great deals for when you need 5 or more yards of material.

These curtains won’t get wet if the sprinklers hits the windows in the summer because we can’t open the windows- they are broken.  I neglected these two windows for a long time, so long of time that we just got used to the bland window blinds in the first picture, finally they  have curtains on them!

Before this window, they were on another window:

paisley curtainsI took em off this window to put the olive Wal-Mart curtains up here.  On this window the ruffle  was high and pretty compared to where they are now; (the top page photo)  where  I had to spread them out to cover two windows instead of one.


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