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gainsayer questions 4 part series

page to find the sermon I’m talking about  If you go to the link on the left, you’ll see the sermon on  the Jan 23rd, pm one.   “Questions for the gainsayer“ is the name of it.  So many questions answered, so much explained.  It’s the first message in a series of 4.  The last one is in the February category.


Here were some highlights of the sermon for me.   Acts 1-8 was written to the first great commission that happened in the time period of Acts.   The faith of Jesus Christ is in Galatians 2;20  which is different from  the faith the Old Testament people had to have. 

Acts 8:37 is missing in other versions.   Tithing is only in the old testament and the gospels whereby Paul says to lay up in store as God as prospered him.   There’s much more in the message presented in audio or video.



Husband’s prayers being hindered passage- from 1st Peter 3:7 

It isn’t to us today.  Paul is our apostle, not Peter.  Peter is to the Jewish people in the tribulation time period.   I always thought it applied to us today, but it doesn’t.

Here’s one- How to be a child of God?   Matthew 5:9   says to be a peacekeeper, but the gospels are written to the Jews.   We need to go to Galatians 3:23 where it says being a child of God is based on your faith.

There’s more  ground to cover in this series.   I learned a lot from it.


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