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Cabochard by Gres


image how to pronounce this perfume cabochard in french .

I have to memorize that French pronunciation.  “Ca ba ca”.  The ca at the end rhymes with la and the accent is on the first syllable Ca. 

It came out in 1959; a green leather chypre.   And I do smell the leather! 

Lately I’ve been wearing Cabochard as the weather is getting warmer.  Wore it to the post office today.  I have a few milliliters left even though the sprayer doesn’t work and it seeps out.  Too bad for that, but when I love a fragrance, I want to learn about it, see how it  made it’s own history, and know everything I can about it.  here’s where you can read about it.

 image Look at this old bottle!

image Here’s a beauty of a vintage set.

This black and white box is the vintage.


imageThis is what the newer version looks like today.  It’s reformulated of course, but I‘ve read it’s not too bad. The article  (way above) says  the reformed version  is more citrusy and they took the animal notes out of it.  See why vintage scents are so much better?   I think I would enjoy one of the newer bottles all the same.


image  Here’s a vintage one that looks like mine, although mine is as small as a lipstick and only had 5 ml’s in it, which some leaked out because of the sprayer not functioning right.

It’s so womanly with the leather smells it contains.  This is good quality perfume , one that you can enjoy wearing which makes you feel beautiful!   Some days when  I put this on; I find it kind of harsh till it settles down.   It’s the leather in there that  is long lasting and bold.

Sometimes when you wear a perfume, you seem to notice a particular note in there. For instance,  I once got all the civet and whatever other animal notes- in one spray, yet the next time I sprayed it, it was well rounded as it should be.  It stands true for other perfumes too.

This one is just too gorgeous to not try .  I really like this one.  Maybe it’s the oak moss in it that I love to smell. 


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