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Mary Emma & Co by Ralph Moody


imageI wonder what the first book covers looked like; here’s the modern one.  Mary Emma was Ralph Moody’s mom and  now the family  is in Massachusetts living near Mary Emma’s brother since they had to get out of Colorado on account of the circumstances at the end  of the last book- Man of the family.  (I can’t spoil it for you!).    Oct 16th 2010  I wrote a post on the other Moody books on this blog..

Read  Man of the family  before reading this one.  It’s good to read them in proper sequence to get the whole story.   The Fields of Home  should be read after  Mary Emma & Co .    Do  you enjoy true stories as much as I do?    Mary Emma, Ralph’s widowed mom of 6 children,  has to make a living and the whole family are hard workers with her.  Grace is Ralph’s sister, about a year or two older and then there are 4 younger ones.

Why I  enjoyed  this book so much is that they all worked hard and kept the home life going!  Ralph gets a job at the general store, Gracie helps her mom with taking in laundry… Great Uncle Levi is in the book too.  He’s such a help to this family.  It’s neat to see families make it and succeed as in this book.  I’m so glad Ralph Moody wrote all of these books about himself and his family.  


Ralph Moody the author

Favorite Scene from the book:

When Uncle Levi comes to help build shelves in the basement for the laundry operation and they have a turkey dinner afterwards.

The Wallpaper  chapter is memorable.  Ralph, Gracie and her Mom are wallpapering the kitchen.   The old type of house with high ceilings.

I have to mention the time when Ralph comes home from school and  sees the whole living room  full of ladies under garments (from that time period)  drying over chairs… hanging up… all over.



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