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Breakthrough mms1 book

imageHere’s a good book.  It’s the miracle mineral solution of the 21st Century.   I give MMS1 ( it’s chlorine dioxide when activated with the citric acid).   to my cats in milk or cream  and that saves a lot of money since it eliminates  the need for worm pills.   This book is written by a research engineer  who was  in  the   aerospace  industry for about 25 years:Jim Humble.  Here’s one of his websites      Here’s the other one

Would you  try something that was given to Malaria victims in Africa  and it cured them of their malaria?  There are some encouraging stories of people getting better because of this.  You buy a 4 oz bottle of MMS1 and a 4 oz. bottle of citric acid.  You put  1 drops (for starters) of each in a clean glass; wait 3 minutes, then drink it with some water or juice.  Can’t be orange juice and can’t have added Vitamin C to it since that makes it non effective.  I only started with 1/2 drop for the first day.  I’ve not upchucked on it since I am careful not to go beyond any nausea I have.

MMS is not chlorine dioxide; Miracle Mineral Supplement – MMS is sodium chlorite (NaClO2) 28%. Combining with acid briefly produces chlorous acid (HClO2), which in sequential steps oxidizes ambient chlorite (ClO2-) to create chlorine dioxide (ClO2).


The author’s experience with stabilized oxygen led him to the understanding of  chlorine dioxide  which he explains on page 20.  On page 195 he explains  the oxidizing process of chlorine dioxide. 

It is the oxidizing process  of chlorine dioxide ions that works to kill  pathogens and eliminate harmful chemicals … the process takes place throughout the body whenever chlorine dioxide ions contact pathogens.  It does not attack beneficial  bacteria or healthy body parts, as they have a resistance to oxidization….


When you feel nauseous, that means the toxics are coming out, just slice up an apple and eat some sections through out the day.  It helps so  much.  That is  found that on the website, and I know it to be true since I did the beet protocol last year and  you were supposed to eat an apple before drinking the beet/asparagus juice so you would not throw up.  Apples help absorb the toxins and get rid of them.


There was a poor mining village in the jungle of Africa that refused  the “health drink”  because they thought  the Malaria was a judgment from God for their sinful living. ( Page 10  in the book).     This is   not that  far fetched if you’ve been in  churches    here in America where sickness and death  is thought to be chastisement from  God  for something you are not doing right.  It’s old testament thinking, not the goodness of God that Paul  writes about in the New Testament.

This is not chlorine.   Although chlorine is also an oxidizer, it oxidizes in a different way; by chlorination.  which means it combines with whatever it’s oxidizing to make new compounds, some that  are cancerous.   See the difference?

   You can download the first 1/2 of this book free. where you can download the 1st half of book for free The 2n’d half can be downloaded, but you have to pay for it. 

I put a drop in  a pan of water to kill any pathogens on the lettuce.  You can purify your water too with the mms1.  I think it’s 4 drops to every gallon of water. 

Want to know what it did for me?

  •   Well, in a few days time  I’ve felt some pings throughout my body- yeast, fungus and pathogens being killed.  One place was my breast where the metal stitches are.  I think I had infection in there, but now it feels much  more normal and stronger. 
  • my chronic bad ear feels better with no ear ache.
  • Felt weird sensations on my  left eyelid/eye- something was being zapped there.   Do you know we have sinuses behind our eyes?
  • felt it through my lymph nodes too.  It’s a sensation of heat that you feel  because it’s oxidizing the specific area.
  •   My right ankle didn’t feel stiff anymore! 
  • My throat:  felt pathogens being zapped there, only on my left side of throat.
  • Felt about 5  seconds of zapping on my right side.  Could have been my liver, or intestines… don’t know.   All these things happened in the first 3 days of taking the doses, and they were small doses.  I started at 1/2 drop,… up to 3 drops all the above took place.  Now I’m at 5-8 drops a dose.


Update  a few weeks later:

I  mix a drop for every ounce in a spray bottle and spray it on the hen house roosts…. in the nesting boxes….   The cats still get it…  I take a bath in it- 17 activated  drops.   I can’t take it orally anymore, makes me shudder- just the smell of it, although I will be taking maintenance doses the braver I get.  


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