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Dispensing and compounding

image photo is courtesy of this website


tube salve better label

I like to  dispense and compound  salves and toothpaste.  Here’s mine (above).  This is hand salve; all purpose salve is more accurate.  I made a toothpaste and put it in a tube like this one too.  It’s tricky sealing those tubes without an expensive crimper, but you can use a pliers.  

I have a tube that looks  just like this with a different label- it’s toothpaste; the best toothpaste there is!  I make it myself’; you can too.   Here’s the ingredients: olive oil, baking soda (bob’s red mill brand), clove oil, peppermint oil, orange oil, tangerine oil, lemon oil, ginger, anise oil, sea salt.    Coconut oil can be used instead of olive oil if you prefer.

You wouldn’t believe how clean you get your gums with this homemade toothpaste.  Why the oil you might be wondering?  It holds the baking soda together with the essential oils.  I like to use myrrh oil too sometimes, but I’m all out.

update-  Food grade Coconut oil is much better than plain olive oil.  Olive oil makes the toothpaste more spicier as it picks up the hotness of the essential oil (the cloves, peppermint and ginger).  Or put them together- coconut oil and olive oil, but don’t use olive oil exclusively.

Only use food grade essential oils which are labeled  “Therapeutic grade”  quality  and that level of standard is miss used too.  You’ll have to call them up and ask them if it’s ok to put their oils in your food and toothpaste and see what they say.


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