a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

More Oregon Trail books

image Women’s Diaries of the Westward Journey by Lillian Schlissel. The book I read had a different cover, probably an older one than this one.   Just more stories of women hitting the trail with their husbands and families.  Many hardships written about, so here’s a lighthearted one- I remember the incident written  of the Indian  man wearing a hoopskirt ( I picture in my mind just the hoop itself- the metal frame).  Hard to say if anyone was killed for it  so interesting to see what the ladies wrote about.  I enjoyed both these books, especially reading them one after the other.


image Covered Wagon Women by Kenneth L Holmes and Anne L Butler .  Running into a snowstorm meant starving usually, but some wagons faired well, others met death on the way.  I would have waited for the trains to get built before I’d travel in a covered wagon risking Indian raids and brutal weather.  Some people just got lost and could not find water.  It was an 8 month trip advertised as a 4 month one.

I’d like to read a diary of the smart women that didn’t go, the ones that stayed put and how they got along without their husband.  It would not be to easy back then in the mid 1800s to have children and no husband- a different time in history- no electricity and all that entails as well as not many jobs available for ladies.  Well, it’s never easy no matter what time period it is, but in this century there are a lot more advantages.


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