a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Veterans Day your town USA

civil  air patrol Civil Air Patrol (have to be 12 to join)

color guard pic 2010 veterns day from left to right- Coast Guard flag, Air force flag, Marine flag, Navy flag, Army flag. Don’t quote me on these!

court house vet day 2010 Parade starts and comes back here to the courthouse for taps  being played on the grounds and how sad it is to hear the taps and think of the dead that never returned. 

pow flag The POW flag that I blurred so bad because of holding on to a dog’s leach at the same time. It is the loneliest flag there is.

vet train 2010 Vets rode in this.

color guard vet day 10 More color guard photos

courthouse stone carvings vet day 10 Above the entrance to the courthouse there is this carved stone decoration that looks like it is from Roman times of a Greek God nature.  Dragon in the ship on either side with two undressed men carrying something- that cylinder shape thing above. 

parade route veterans day 2010 On the parade route before they stop and shoot the guns while on their way back to courthouse.

praire city iowa vet day Some old hay cutting machine, I think on the courthouse grounds.  By the wheel it says Prairie city Iowa where the piece was manufactured.  The green metal thing a little higher than the wheels is where you sit.


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