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taco sauce

taco sauce There I go shaking the camera again, but I  tried to get a shot of the attention getting spiked round thing on the label ( love Microsoft publisher for the making of labels).  In that round thing it says: add tomato paste when you open jar.   That’s how I figured out how to make taco sauce when I only have 5 pint size jars left and a lot of green tomatoes.  When I open the jar and add the tomato paste, I can put some in another little jar of some kind  for the refrigerator.  

How to thicken this stuff:  Wanted to use my tomatoes, yet how do you get your taco sauce to thicken?   I read online NOT to use cornstarch if you want to hot water bath it, since it interferes  with  it canning properly.  Here’s your options:

1- put corn syrup in your taco sauce to thicken on the stove.  That’s what it says in the Blue Ball canning book.  I’m trying to stay away from corn syrup, so had to think of something else.

2- add tomato paste to your concoction and then hot water bath it and with sugar; it’ll get a little thicker.

3- Do what I did-  can the thin taco sauce and remind yourself on the label to add the tomato paste when you open the jar.

Where’s what I put in my taco sauce:  fresh tomatoes (this only made 2 and 2/3rd pints, garlic cloves, cumin, canning salt, red cayenne pepper, Italian seasoning, chili powder, paprika, sugar, red cider vinegar.  will add 1 small can tomato paste to the jars when I open them. 


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